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Nordic Export Groups Oy (Nordic Groups) offers small and medium-sized technology industry companies internationalisation services and expert help for sales and marketing operations in the Nordic countries, particularly in Sweden and Denmark. The purpose of these services is to promote companies' international expansion, initiate exports and develop existing exports. Nordic Groups' main forms of activities are tailor made individual customership and export groups.

Our clients are companies representing various areas of the metal and electronics industry, such as engineering firms, pulp and paper industry companies, and enterprises specialised in subcontracting and contract manufacturing or in different kinds of automotive and forest industry machines and equipment. We have already delivered soon twenty years of quality service and Nordic Groups has for many years been rated in the highest AAA creditworthiness class (Soliditet / Dun & Bradstreet).

In 2000 the Federation of Finnish Metal, Engineering and Electrotechnical Industries (now the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries) launched cooperation projects directed at metal industry SMEs as well as export group activity in Sweden. Those who performed the practical work and implemented the cooperation projects in Sweden and Finland at that time are the same people that now form Nordic Groups' personnel. In 2000 the first two export ring groups were launched in Malmö, Sweden and the following year another two new groups started their work. Four metal industry export ring groups based in Malmö operated continuosly over a decade. The groups were specialised in the metal industry, engineering, pulp and paper, subcontracting, and various kinds of automotive industry machines and equipment. In 2004 the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries discontinued its practical internationalisation work, namely the administration of these export groups. Since then, Nordic Export Groups Oy has been solely responsible, without the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, for the practical implementation of export projects in Finland and the other Nordic countries. For recent years focus has been in individual customerships. In 20 years of operation, already 400 small and medium-sized technology industry companies have participated in the activity of the groups or individual customerships.


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