Tailor made customership

Task is typically to develop or establish company's own export to Scandinavian markets. In this work we focus to our clients products, services and knowhow and will find out potential customers for them. As a first task short analysis is done for the company's products and market potential. After that focus is to find out direct contacts to potential client companies and have business meetings with them and/or with potential distribution channels. In our work, the emphasis has been always on direct sales and marketing measures and on direct contacts.

Typical tasks and results

We have conducted market and competitor surveys, found various partners (such as agents), built distribution channels for products, and sealed numerous customer relationships and business deals for many companies who have been using our services in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In our work, the emphasis has been on direct sales and marketing measures. Customers of our companies include some of the biggest companies around Scandinavia, for example Volvo, Scania, Alfa-Laval, Boliden, Atlas Copco, SCA, Dacke Industries and Sandvik in Sweden, Vestas, Coloplast, Vestergaard and MAN Diesel in Denmark, and Norsk Hydro, Veidekke, Rolls-Royce in Norway. We also have good contacts with the Swedish pulp and paper industry as well as Metso/Valmet units in Sweden.


Export groups

An export group is a joint project of companies from the same sector in a target country or area. An export ring group is led by an experienced local joint export manager who know the field of business very well. Other benefits of an export group project are a low starting threshold, existing contacts and cost-efficiency (costs are shared by the group companies). An export group can also give rise to production cooperation between members of the group. Within the export groups, companies are required to be active as well as willing and able to initiate and develop export activity.

In Nordic Groups' Nordic country export groups, the joint export manager is always a local individual who resides permanently in the target country, not based on Finland and working occasionally in abroad. Depending on the company, the goal of an export group project is either to support the start-up of a company's exports in Sweden, Denmark and Norway or to grow and enhance existing export activity. Therefore projects can involve companies just beginning in the Nordic market and companies who already possess experience of these markets. The number of companies in each export group is limited by us to four, max. five, because this ensures that sufficient resources are devoted to each company, consequently leading to better results. All our groups also work from Sweden, so contacts made can also be shared among all groups. Accordingly, our contact surface is clearly larger than an single export project. Nordic Groups' export groups, moreover, are continually evolving. Each year, mainly in spring and autumn, several new companies are included, as places are freed in existing groups and participating companies achieve their goals in the target markets and continue independently.

The significance of the Nordic countries market for Finnish exports

Sweden has long been one of the most important of Finland's trading partners, alongside Germany and Russia. Statistics for 2019 show that the second largest export country for Finland was Sweden with share of 10,4 % , after Germany (14,6 %) and before USA and Russia. The order of these three-four largest export countries has always fluctuated in the statistics from year to year, but they have occupied the first places for many years. The significance of the Danish and Norwegian markets has been steadily growing among our groups. Denmark's share of Finland's technology industry exports is under 2 % and Norway's share a little higher around 3 %. For many Finnish metal industry SMEs, starting to export to Sweden is a natural step because of the similarity of the countries and societies as well as the long-standing trading partnership and a common language.


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